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First Utility broadband are one of the lesser-known providers of broadband deals in the UK, but they offer a range of options to consumers looking to try something different. 

The heart of the First Utility service is found in the broadband deals, which include both ADSL and fibre options. The speed of the service provided is postcode-dependant, with a minimum of 11Mbps available, and a maximum of 63Mbps available in some areas. While this variance can somewhat confusing when trying to compare like-for-like, it is worth noting that all broadband services tend to include the same caveat. In addition, it is particularly worth noting that the broadband service is provided without limits – useful for anyone who tends to stream a large amount of content – and unlimited call packages can also be included.

A further benefit to considering First Utility broadband deals is their price transparency. When your contract ends, the price customers pay on a monthly basis will remain the same. The basic minimum contract period is an industry-standard 18 months, and it’s reassuring to know that the price will remain the same if you are satisfied with the service and wish to continue as a customer when this period has elapsed.

Finally, each package price for both the ADSL and fibre options include access to a well-thought-of customer service department, line rental, setup (providing you have an existing telephone line), and a wireless router. These benefits, combined with the unlimited broadband provision, mean that including First Utility in your search for broadband deals could be a very beneficial choice.

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