Vodafone Broadband Deals

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Vodafone Broadband Deals

Compare the best deals from Vodafone broadband with CompareMobiles.co.uk. Vodafone are an established name in the telecommunications world, and though they are best known for their mobile phone service, they also offer a range of options for household broadband.


The company is primarily focused on providing an expansive service with their Vodafone broadband deals, all of which seem to have been formulated with modern usage habits in mind. The packages include fibre broadband that is capable of achieving speeds of between 35Mbps and 63Mbps, though the top speed each customer can achieve is dependant on location. In addition, the broadband packages also come complete with unlimited download limits, free six-month usage of F-Secure SAFE antivirus, and a free wireless “ultra-smart” Vodafone Connect router that is estimated to be worth £130.

In addition, Vodafone broadband deals are worth considering if you enjoy a simple selection process. Only two packages, of two different top speeds, are offered by the company, so there’s no need to spend too long comparing the different choices. Regardless of which package customers eventually choose, there’s no setup cost to contend with, which is an important consideration for those on a budget.

The service provided by Vodafone for their customers is thankfully comprehensive. If customers require assistance with their service, they are able to contact phone support between 8am and 11pm, or use the online support site – which includes live chat – if preferred.

On a final point, it is important to acknowledge that, as is fairly standard with broadband packages, customers need a phone line to access the Vodafone broadband deals, though they can order this bundled with your broadband for the sake of simplicity.

Overall, Vodafone broadband deals offer a simple, clear option that could serve your household’s broadband needs well.