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Most people don’t realise how long HTC have been producing phones. The company, widely known for selling laptops actually produced and sold their first mobile phone in 1998. They weren’t that far behind other producers and have kept up with the latest changes to technology ever since. Indeed, in 2002, they were one of the first to bring a brilliant touch screen smart phone to the market with the Microsoft 3G. The company also holds the title of being the first producer of an Android smartphone. The clever design certainly put the company on the map in this market.

You might think that HTC have been beaten to the ground by brands like Samsung and Apple. But this isn’t the case and HTC managed to claw their way back on top with the HTC One. it was innovative, smart and introduced the world to the UltraPixel camera. The award winning phone was a thrilling step forward and with celebrity endorsements quickly conquered the market.

HTC stands for High Tech Computer and has produced a variety of handsets under the ‘One’ name. While these may not fit every budget, HTC, have also produced more cost friendly options as well. Indeed, the company aims to cater to everyone with a variety of new possibilities each fiscal year.

The Taiwanese company is constantly, expanding, growing and shifting horizons. The brand has proven that it doesn’t always need to play catch up and can instead lead the market with new technology and fresh ideas that customers are unable to resist.

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