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LG began life as Goldstar in 1962. The company was exporting products from china to the US and Hong Kong, providing everything from refrigerators to black and white TVs. As the level of products Goldstar offered grew so too did their success. Indeed, Goldstar were one of the first companies to provide the colour TV to customers and soon their turnover reached $100 million. The brand expanded, shipping products to other countries around the world, before rebranding as LG in 1995.

Today, the company leeds the marketing in TVs, providing top of the range UHD sets to eager consumers. LG are often seen as the best for picture and sound with the promise of a crystal clear image a brand guarantee. In marketing for their phones LG often boast a similar sleek product with unbeatable graphics using the latest technology at its core. LG have a strong focus on customer experience and aim to make sure that each handset is simple to use with a remarkably stylish finish.

LG have cemented their position as a stylish phone by partnering with Prada to create an official handset for their brand. Known for stunning designer clothing, handbags and other accessories, the Prada LG phone isn’t cheap. But it soon became a must have piece of tech for every fashion enthusiast.

Of course, LG also offer more budget friendly choices too and have cornered a strong group of devoted customers always keen to buy their products. Today, there are fantastic deals for all LG handsets with great contracts so you can get a fantastic phone at a brilliant price.

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