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Motorola has always been a pioneer and a leader in the tech industry. While originally specialising in radio related products, the company quickly grew to work on everything from defence electronics to microprocessors in computers and of course, mobile phones. While most of the 1960’s saw the company focusing on commercial, governmental and industrial projects, by the 1980’s Motorola was keen to focus on providing phones to general customers.

The company has been through various changes over the years but has always delivered a quality product to buying consumers. At one point, Motorola shared the marketing for phones with Samsung and Nokia as one of the most sought after brands. The RAZR V3 was a particularly popular handset produced by the company and the business has even worked with Apple before they quickly became one of their main rivals.

The company has also seen a fantastic level of success in Asia due to their focus on providing phones with advanced handwriting software able to recognise the entire china alphabet. Today, the companies offering are similar to the rest on the market with the flip phone design abandoned for the more common touch screen interface. Their phones are a budget friendly option and will suit those looking for a brilliant handset that offers a fantastic level of reliability.

You might think that that Motorola phones are no longer fashionable but you’d be wrong. Old models encrusted with diamonds and inlaid with 18 carat gold have become a popular choice of handset for the elite and the famous.

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