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Nokia Phones

Nokia was and will always be the pioneering company for mobile phones. The business was the first to set up an international cellular network and bring international roaming across Europe and then the rest of the world. They were also the first company to bring car phones to the market in 1982 and then the portable phone in 1986.

However, it was 2002 when Nokia started to evolve into the company that we know today. The business launched the first ever 3G phone that year as well as the first ever phone with a built in camera and video recorder. All of these features are of course scene as standard today but back then this was a revolution.

By 2005 the company had provided two billion phone subscriptions and sold their one billionth mobile phone. The company may seem like it has faded from the market in recent years but nothing could be further from the truth. Nokia is still one of the world’s leaders in mobile phone production and the provider of one of the most popular mobile phone networks.

While Nokia may not be the most fashionable choice today, they still provide an unbeatable price and offer a wide range of handsets that suit every budget. You might be surprised to learn that Nokia have not abandoned the more traditional handsets that include buttons rather than relying entirely on a touch screen display. Even older models are still popular on the market and there was recently a campaign to bring several of the classics back into production.

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