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Sometimes, you might not want to change the phone you currently have. Getting a new smartphone is expensive and if you’re fine with what you have, there are other options out there. That’s why so many people are looking at SIM only deals as a way to save money and refresh their tariffs. offers comparisons not just for regular mobile phone contracts, but also SIM only deals. We understand that putting yourself through a contract is not only expensive but a waste of money if you’re fine with your current phone. In addition, some SIM only deals are much better value than adding on a mobile phone to the cost.

Another great reason to pick a SIM only deal is if you’ve purchased a tablet or laptop device that supports a SIM. This will give your device the ability to connect to the internet without having to take out a plan with your carrier.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best prices and offers available. This means that we don’t just cover contract details, but also SIM only deals.

So if you’ve already got yourself a great smartphone that you want to keep, or if you have a tablet device that needs a SIM so you can use data on the go, use our comparison tools to help you find the best SIM only deal that suits your needs.